About Us

Hi Eveyone, I'm so excited that I'm about to retire in a few years and I'm looking ahead for the next chapter in my life. I have always made handmade items for many many years. I really love doing that for the people that I care about. I thought that if I started my own business doing what I like, when I retire I will have extra income. While I have my current job I could start a business and have time to make items and learn how to navigate the new store and pop-up events, then when I'm retired I will be an expert. Smart. Right? 

My mission really, is to handcraft items that ignite a good feeling and happiness in the hearts of my customers. 

Each piece is carefully handmade with love and dedication to being made well, ensuring that it carries a unique vibe. I believe that the act of creating and sharing these items has the power to stir up creativity in others.

Whether you're searching for a thoughtful present for a loved one, co-worker or a unique token of appreciation for a special occasion, these items are created to make gift-giving special. Don't forget gifts for yourself too.

I really hope that you like what I have done.